28th January 2006, has become a landmark from Police establishment of Pakistan in general and Islamabad Police in particular. For the 1st time since the establishments of Pakistan Police organizations; the performance of a policing unit is being unconditionally applauded. I am personally indebted to all members of the force, who left their home and families to come out in the wilderness of heat of summer and cold of winter for public service. They did not vacillate despite hostile environments in which they had to operate at the initial stage when the ITP was in its embryonic phase. It is only love for their country and organization and faith in themselves which sustained them through this trying and testing period. It is, by any standards, no mean achievement that in the last 07 years of operations, there has not been a single complaint of corruption or serious misdemeanor and the force has performed duties with utmost civility and integrity endearing themselves to the commuters and public at large.

It is the faithful desire of police officers that the ITP should not only maintain their efficiency level but to further improve the standards achieved in the past. I and my team assure our utmost commitment, dedication and hard work, in the endeavor to make ITP meet the future challenges and expectations. We hope to build upon the good image that the organization has achieved under the leadership of IGP Islamabad.

We remain committed to making ITP a role model for other public service organizations and guide the way in providing a world class, efficient and professional service.


SSP Traffic, Islamabad.